About Us

We at Meego bring the problems of a traveler to the limelight. Domestic as well as International travelers face various issues during their journey. Lack of guidance in an unknown city leaves them in a state of chaos. Like the language barriers in some instances leaves them confused and thus making the trip rather arduous. Adding to that are the unlicensed guides, who, with their lack of expertise fail to offer a good experience to the traveler.

We at Meego have the vision that Travel is associated with happiness and loads of good memories and joyous moments. Therefore, these problems should never be a hindrance to a wonderful travel experience.

This led us to the development of a mobile/web based service for a better travel journey. Our main focus is to bridge the gap between the traveler and the tourist guide. We ensure that you as a traveler get the best out of every place that you visit.

Guide booking has never been easier. The provision of only licensed tourist guides approved by the Government of India makes it all the more secure travel package for you . In addition to this, you no longer have to surf the web or ask for unreliable advises from random people. Meego provides you with a “24/7 call the expert support” where you can ask a professional local tourist guide all your queries and he will help you as need. We at Meego will make sure that you have a wonderful and trouble- free experience with us and subsequently, come back for more.